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In itself this is not a surprising acquiring, as part-time employment is quite common among females in the Netherlands, more so than in any other OECD nation . An explanation for this phenomenon could be discovered in the fact that regular motherhood ideology is nonetheless surprisingly sturdy in the Netherlands . In addition, aspect-time employment […]

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In 1914 war was quite much a man’s world and it was unthinkable for females to fight alongside males, yet by end of the war more than 200,000 women were in uniform officially serving for their nations. Even then, most of the women were kept away from the Front and behind the line of fire […]

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Other Australian females had been also closely connected with war by way of male relatives and mates away on military service. During Planet War I, numerous ladies entered the workforce for the 1st time. With important numbers of males away in Europe, ladies were necessary in different capacities. Telephone and radio operators had been also […]